Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Biting my nails, here...

Did I say I was going to homeschool?

WHY do all the forces of anxiety converge on ONE day???

On ONE day, these three things happened:

1) I realized that the registration date for the "homeschool" school I want to enroll my children in is this Friday. I've had the application filled out for over two months, but now it's this Friday and suddenly the date seems large and scary.

2) Joseph and I, in an ugly battle of wills over dental hygiene, both became blithering idiots (mostly me, since he's only eight - I'm supposed to be the adult) and at one point, in an unprecedented move, he said, "I don't WANT to homeschool!" What??? We're talking about PLAQUE, my son - not your education. Truthfully, I see what's going on --- but I was ready to cry. Just for a minute.

3) The school sent home their re-enrollment packets. Really? On this ONE day you had to do this?

Nothing like testing my convictions, eh?

Oh, and did I mention Kevin finished reading the famous Catholic Home Education book that won me over? SAME DAY. He's happy and confident and enthusiastic. (He was also notably absent during the dental hygiene brouhaha.)


Beth said...

You can do it!! I am giving you my vote of confidence.

Jelaine Faunce said...

If you manage to get the enrollment done and sent in, I will reward you with a visit to your home to teach you how to cut cantaloupe into perfect cubes in under 3 minutes. This does not involve slicing off a finger. I am also well versed in avocado and pineapple slicing, also in under 3 minutes. Well, 4 for the pineapple because you have to handle it carefully at first.