Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today I Saw:

- How easy it is to push a double stroller carrying two children weighing 60 pounds combined up a steep hill in the wind IF you're chatting with and walking beside an in-shape Pilates instructor who was, in VERY recent years "Ms. Fitness USA".

- An older gentleman in a golf hat filling the gas tank of a shiny black sedan. According to his license plate, he is a decorated veteran of the Marine Corps. In my imagination, I flashed back to a time in his past, probably on a gnarly battlefield somewhere, when he didn't have time to wonder if one day years in the future he'd enjoy a leisurely golf game and a cruise in his car.

- A Las Vegas taxicab pulled over to the side of the road. Being ticketed by a police officer. Very rare sight.

- A friend on the way to the airport. Going to a beloved father's funeral. This sight kinda trumps all the rest.
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