Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Looking back on Easter, there are only photos of the clothes. But despite my previously-confessed shallowness revolving around holiday fashion, I enjoyed the depth of all the Easter celebrations, as well as Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil. I praised God for it. I was moved to whisper "I love this Church" during veneration of the cross on Friday night, and to say out loud "I love Jesus" throughout the four days. And more significantly, "I'm so glad I'm forgiven." Amen? (Spoken more loudly and with traces of my Baptist "roots":) "Can I get an Amen?"

Here's Joseph in his baptismal gown. It is a joy to watch God work in Joe's life. And it was marvelous to witness him receive the sacraments Saturday night.

All half-dozen of us, Easter morning. Joe had the camera remote, he did pretty good.

Me with Cayna in her (my) Easter dress. She is beautiful.

Me in the same dress many many years ago. A testimony to good fabric, good preservation, and my mom's excellent sewing abilities.
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