Monday, April 6, 2009

Pre-Dawn Grocery Shopping

An Interview:

I (Interviewer): Is this housewifedom's best kept secret? Do all stay-at-home moms shop before sunup?

T (Teri): You know, I don't know. I'd never heard of it. I was only acquainted with late-night shopping to avoid bringing the kids. But it never occurred to me to shop early in the a.m. Until today.

I: And where did you shop?

T: Smith's. Last night, in bed, I dialed information, got the store, and verified they were open 24 hours. I was pretty sure, this being Vegas and all... but I didn't want to show up there at such an obscene time and have the doors be locked. That wouldn't be a good way to start the first day of Spring Break when I've got all four kids all day long.

I: So what time DID you roll into the parking lot?

T: It was 5:30 on the nose. I had originally set my alarm for 5:30, but apparently the excitement of early-morning cart-filling overtook me and I woke up on my own at 5:15. Threw on a sweatshirt and pants and my "I'm cool" Penn Crew hat and arrived by 5:30.

I: Who else is out and about in a grocery store at that time of the morning?

T: Ya know, I expected to see blackjack dealers and Elvis impersonators. But it was just me and the stockers. Really. I think I saw one other customer. Why is that? Why do I see little kids out way too late with their parents when I grocery shop at ten at night - but five-thirty in the morning and nada.

I: Stalkers?

T: No, no. Stockers. The folks filling the shelves. Couldn't even get my cart down the cereal aisle thanks to their boxes and pallets. Stalkers you tend to see more in the evening hours. In my experience.

I: I see. So what other experiences seemed unique to early shopping?

T: Well, I've never grocery shopped in a sleepy haze before. Tired, bored, annoyed, frazzled, yes... but never "just-rolled-outta-bed sleepy."

I: They say "never shop when you're hungry". Were you feeling the effects of an all-night fast? Did you make any impulse purchases?

T: Hm. Nope. But I do want to say to my readers that I had a little cantaloupe experience. Due to my difficulties with melon (described in a previous post) I resolved to buy the pre-sliced stuff. Found a nice little bowl full of yummy-looking slices. Six dollars and seventy-seven cents! I just couldn't do it. Nor could I sacrifice another fruit. Didn't buy any cantaloupe.

I: And on that exciting note, we'll leave you to your full pantry and exhort shopping moms everywhere to try pre-dawn shopping. It's a little-known trick.
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