Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Involuntary Guest Author:

Dave Letterman

On my "comedy" book shelf is a 1990 copy of The Late Night With David Letterman Book Of Top Ten Lists. If I don't share a list with you, it's just going to waste.


10. Lick-proof

9. Owl-flavored

8. Hat-resistant

7. Trunk-ripened


5. Post-moistened


3. Casket-tested

2. Pants-happy


Every list contains references that either a.) I don't get; b.) are outdated; or c.) are offensive to a major people group. So I left them out. That's right - I censored them!!! I'm violating someone's rights! I'm such a rebel.

I'm still laughing. That guy (his writers) are hysterically funny.

Other selections on the humor shelf include Calvin & Hobbes; Shel Silverstein; The Far Side; Dave Barry; Deep Thoughts (several volumes, by Jack Handey); Erma Bombeck; Steve Martin; Ellen DeGeneres; Bloom County; Bil Keane; and a masterful collection from my childhood called How To Be Funny, by Jovial Bob Stine which I am very proud of.

I have a headache, it's hot out, a talk to work on that I've procrastinated, and only my laundry seems to keep me going - so I gotta laugh today. This helped.
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