Friday, May 1, 2009

Derby Day

Kevin and I had a fun day out at Lake Las Vegas. He launched his modeling career, and I debuted as a fashion photographer.

Here is a snapshot of the scenery around the resort. We live in the desert, as you know, so this is "Fake Lake".

Before the event, we found the guys and caught them talking about shoes. I've never in my life overheard Kevin talking about footwear fashion. This was an occasion. He's pictured here with our good friend Mark and our church's youth director Zach. All three are wearing flip-flops that cost more than a week's groceries. They're wearing part of their outfits for the "beachwear" portion of the show, minus the shorts. Zach called the shorts they had to wear in the show "Man-Dukes" instead of "Daisy-Dukes" because they were too tight and short.

On the runway! Here's Kevin in "beachwear" and Kevin in "smart casual":

Me and my model husband:

Me, my mom, and our hats:
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