Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Hope the House Isn't Haunted

If the house a few doors down is haunted, and word gets out, it's going to affect our property value. Whether for good or bad depends on the coverage we get from the cable TV stations. They can bill it as a good thing and the tourist interest will make this an intriguing place to move. Or they can spook everyone and we'll all have to skedaddle.

I'm thinking it's for sure haunted because the first residents left so quietly. Then, in a flourish, the nice little family from Montana settled in with their daughter and son and we all helped haul in furniture. Then, thirty days later, mysteriously they were GONE. Sure the guy mumbled something about a "family emergency" and a "job in Utah", but I've seen just enough sci-fi thrillers to know that is code for: "we had a metaphysical disturbance and the appearance of unfriendly apparitions so we're outta here!"

Today, another nice little family, this time from Kansas, are settling in with their daughter and son. We're already excited because the son and daughter are Joe and Cayna's ages AND because the guy is a new coach for the UNLV football team. (He had several linebackers helping him unload the U-Haul so furniture-lifting was a breeze.) Maybe linebackers scare ghosts away?

I probably shouldn't tell them about my suspicions.
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