Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today when I was stooped over cleaning the baseboards throughout the downstairs, I wondered, "How is everyone else celebrating their Mother's Day?"

I'm not sure how it happened. I seem to haphazardly find myself cleaning obscure things when left to my own devices. But there I was questioning the sanity of a mom who would spend her "special day" cleaning such an inconsequential part of the house.

Regardless of that twenty-minute foray into baseboard craziness, I had a nice day. Went to church; spent time on a fun photo project; re-hung my room decor now that the walls are (almost) all painted; enjoyed dinner at a nice restaurant (which Cayna deemed "not as good as Red Robin"); and indulged in a dessert our friends brought over for a mother's day gift.

I love Mother's Day. Even more than shiny-clean baseboards.

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