Monday, May 4, 2009

Guest Writer and the Underwear

Well, Teri is gone to Albuquerque for a few nights so I have been flying solo with the kids. I am not nearly as funny as Teri, but I said I would be a guest writer for a blog entry. Here are the highlights...

- Sunday 5/3 (the day Teri left): the kids and I went to the Elephant Bar for lunch, compliments of the in-laws. They all ate very well because their loving father did not give them a mid-morning snack. Sure, there were many fits and fights along the way, but they ate their lunch. I am still deciding if it was worth it. I was very proud to see four empty plates. Nap, Mariokart, blah blah blah. We concluded the day with some outside time and then dinner (supper if you ask the Early's) at the Early household. I was a bit scared at mid day as I contemplated what might be for dinner after looking in the bare food storage areas in our kitchen. Then Mark said Karen had prepared two dinners for them and there was enough for us. Of course, I took advantage of Mark's offer for dinner. Then the victorious bedtime ritual and the day was through.

- Monday 5/4: I took part in the kids' normal daily ritual. Teri really has it together to get this executed every weekday. I needed her hour-by-hour schedule in order to keep in line and on task. Of course there were the tense moments like when Joe said, "Mom always gives me a note in my lunch." Well, Dad can do that too...send Joe upstairs and, voila (that word still seems pretend to me...why not walaa?), insert a note in the lunch. Of course, I attached a piece of candy to it to make up for the lack of sentimentality (and in case he couldn't read it). Then came the words no stay-at-home-dad-for-two-days-whose-wife-told-him-he-wouldn't-need-to-do-laundry wants to hear, "Dad, I have no clean underwear." Vaguely reminiscent of a previous post. So, I did a quick load of underwear and dried them (mostly) just in time. Off to school. Went to wal-mart for a few things and then went to pick up Cayna at 11:40. She began a project right after lunch. The project entailed making 4 signs that proudly stated: "ATTeNTioN! CAyNA's NAMe iS NOW CASSiDy". Not sure where this idea came from, but that isn't new with Cassidy. Then, out to the font yard to play. Then $5 pizza and choir. Rush to bed and here I am watching the NBA finals.

Tomorrow, I get to take Cassidy, Maria and Joseph to school.


Children: Start-4; current-4
Digits: Start-80; current-80
Broken bones: 0
Band-aids used: 0
Meals prepared: 2 of 5
Diapers changed: 12?
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