Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Never Met A Pastor's Wife I Didn't Like

And, now that I'm Catholic, I never will! (Aren't I funny?)

Really. Over the course of my Protestant life, I knew and loved Dottie, Dianna, Connie, Pat, Betty, Magan, Sheri, Jacquelyn, and Aldeana. From Griffith United Methodist, Calvary Chapel, Warm Springs Baptist, Lake Havasu Baptist, First Presbyterian, Rancho Baptist, and Yucaipa Christian Church.

Each of these women are wonderful women that have noteworthy character traits, individual callings, interesting perspectives on church and ministry, and cool husbands.

Two days ago, Aldeana Hinkle passed away. Aldeana was a woman of prayer, love, service, and a sharp, sweet sense of humor that made me want to follow her around and listen. Before I knew she was my pastor's wife, in 2004, I remember her eyes as she looked at me in my enormous pregnancy with Bethanie and told me she'd pray for me. Lots of people say that from time to time - I could tell by her eyes and her voice and her posture that she really meant it. I think the Holy Spirit was oozing out of that woman's skin. Later, a while after Bethanie was born and toddling around, we'd hang out in the courtyard of YCC after MOPS with Aldeana and her dog. My kids are TERRIFIED of dogs. But owing to Aldeana's "way", and to the non-threatening size of that puppy - Joseph, Cayna, and Bethanie all looked forward to being around her (Aldeana and the dog!)

Aldeana said once that getting to love so many people was the best and worst part of being in ministry---worst because loving people hurts when they suffer. Now Aldeana is done suffering. I think I'll go on loving her. And sincerely praying, as she did for me, for all those who loved her the most and are suffering now in her absence.
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