Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tina Fey, won't you please hire me?

Honestly. I could just be your lackey. And once in a while, when you're ill, I could transcribe for you. Or, if you were very ill - I could suggest a little idea and one day you'd laugh - and subsequently be healed from your illness. And credit me with the healing, and then make me your assistant creative consultant. Or something. I don't really know how it all works, since, obviously I'm just a blogging housewife who watches "30 Rock" and totally fantasizes about how phenomenal it would be to write the stuff on your show that makes me crack up every. single. episode.

Take tonight (and I hope you're reading, Lynn Hunsinger). Tonight was the season finale and a continuation of last week's episode where Jack found his birth father and LO AND BEHOLD the birth father (played by Alan Alda, by the way) wanted... a KIDNEY. This is MY material! Years ago, in college, when I met only the second person in my life besides my brother who was also adopted (Lynn) we discussed at length the pros and cons of finding our birth parents. I said, and I quote: "With my luck, I'd find 'em, and one of 'em would need a kidney!" SO funny! The stuff of successful sitcoms.

I am willing to relocate to New York.
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