Monday, March 1, 2010


Saturday was my monthly Mom's Day Off. Really, I'm going to have to rent a furnished apartment high above the city so I can go there and relax in the quiet and not be distracted by phones, laundry, or SHOPPING. My goal for MDO is not just to catch up on all the errands I can't do with kids, but lately I'm coming home at the end of my time away with WAY too many shopping bags.

Bag #1 - Running shoes. And, despite my decision to stay with Asics, I ended up buying Mizunos. I love them.

Bag #2 - Birthday goods for Bethanie, who is about to turn 5. Ready or not.

Bag #3 - New running pants from Kohl's. I wore out my favorite 5 year-old running pants and am tired of looking like a giant dork in my other too-short pants. I like the new pair as much as my new Mizunos.

Bag #4 - Pet Smart. Humongous bag of cage filler for the mice. Small supply of food and water treatment for "Blue's Clues", our new fish. Joe's new fish. In memoriam - "Measles" died last week. Joe's mouse. So I suppose it's good he has "Blue's Clues" to take the edge off the grief. Of course, he inherited Blue's Clues because his good friend Gunner from three doors down just moved to South Dakota, so I'm not sure what's going to take the edge off of THAT grief. A new pet bird? A ferret? What? How do you solve these childhood traumas?

Bags #5-7 - Groceries from Trader Joe's. Have you been made aware of how delicious their organic sour cream is? Seriously, it's like heaven. Imagine me in my comfy new shoes and cozy pants slurping sour cream off a spoon in my quiet high-rise apartment that I use once a month.

Anyone wanna go in on that apartment with me?
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