Monday, March 1, 2010


Saturday was my monthly Mom's Day Off. Really, I'm going to have to rent a furnished apartment high above the city so I can go there and relax in the quiet and not be distracted by phones, laundry, or SHOPPING. My goal for MDO is not just to catch up on all the errands I can't do with kids, but lately I'm coming home at the end of my time away with WAY too many shopping bags.

Bag #1 - Running shoes. And, despite my decision to stay with Asics, I ended up buying Mizunos. I love them.

Bag #2 - Birthday goods for Bethanie, who is about to turn 5. Ready or not.

Bag #3 - New running pants from Kohl's. I wore out my favorite 5 year-old running pants and am tired of looking like a giant dork in my other too-short pants. I like the new pair as much as my new Mizunos.

Bag #4 - Pet Smart. Humongous bag of cage filler for the mice. Small supply of food and water treatment for "Blue's Clues", our new fish. Joe's new fish. In memoriam - "Measles" died last week. Joe's mouse. So I suppose it's good he has "Blue's Clues" to take the edge off the grief. Of course, he inherited Blue's Clues because his good friend Gunner from three doors down just moved to South Dakota, so I'm not sure what's going to take the edge off of THAT grief. A new pet bird? A ferret? What? How do you solve these childhood traumas?

Bags #5-7 - Groceries from Trader Joe's. Have you been made aware of how delicious their organic sour cream is? Seriously, it's like heaven. Imagine me in my comfy new shoes and cozy pants slurping sour cream off a spoon in my quiet high-rise apartment that I use once a month.

Anyone wanna go in on that apartment with me?


Vicki R. said...

I am simply inspired about the concept of MDO in the first place - sounds awesome!! Maybe try to fit in some downtime for yourself as part of your MDO - like something hot / cold to drink at your favorite coffee place or bookstore or something. Not too much $$ spent & maybe catch up on some reading?

Yay for new shoes - my only official pair of running shoes I own are Saucony. I like 'em but I don't love the color of the ones I got.

Ah, Kohl's - I really wish we had one of those nearby. I was just there with Kandi & couldn't believe how great a store that place is.

No bird - for some reason I'm remembering 2 very sad newlyweds who "accidentally" had to say goodbye to a pet bird because of any open door...definitely something in a cage or that can be on a leash!

TJ's - I "heard" Davis was getting a TJ's next year sometime & I about screamed out loud for joy. I'm really hoping it's true because that place is just so cool!

Teri said...

Actually, down time is supposed to be the theme of my MDOs. Solitude and prayer and reading, etc. That is why I am bummed when I have so much shopping. Even this past weekend, I still had some prayer time at church (totally quiet!) and some reading time at Pei Wei in a comfy booth.
Still, a separate apartment is sounding magnificent.
That's so funny you remember our bird, Duncan! Love it! Yes, that was totally sad.
I can't believe a town like Davis doesn't already have a TJ's! I'll hope with you that it's true because it IS such a good store.

Laura said...

I do!!!!

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Oooh, tell me when your next MDO is and I'd love to meet again at Pei Wei! Haven't been there since the last time we had lunch together!

Also, when is the deadline for signing up for the retreat weekend? Are you going for sure?

OH - were you at Stations last week? My husband was playing the piano and I was on the left wall with the boys. (Matthew, at the 3rd Station, took it upon himself to walk over to Fr. John and kneel down next to him - my prayer for that Station? "Please, Lord, don't let Matthew do something CRAZY right now!" Anyway, we didn't stay for the soup supper because I didn't see any other families. Maybe we'll try again on the 12th (out of town this weekend).

Janice said...

I am sending you the web address to the King of Queens episode this reminds me of...