Saturday, March 20, 2010


That's an adjective. Describes how I'm feeling. Sitting typing this on our new iMac. What is the "i" for? Wondered the same thing when I got my iPod.

Kevin is sitting beside me and his excitement about this new toy is palpable. Mostly, I feel I've just arrived in a new town and don't know my way around. That's okay. This town has fewer wires and pieces and I'm all about less clutter.

In other news, just moments ago I was still asleep and dreaming that I was going to Bulgaria. I was mostly worried about using my purse instead of a passport carrier. And get this, our flight went from home to Switzerland, to France, to Baker. Yes, that's right - Baker, California. Last stop en route to Bulgaria. And we had an overnight there. A true nightmare.

Did I mention Kevin was sitting right here? So I need to end this digression and go on in my new computer tutorial.

Happy Saturday from the new Apple!
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