Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Defined: a pungent red pepper, often pickled and eaten as an appetizer or added to meat stews, sauces, etc.

Restauranted: near my house, often frequented by me on my mom's day out; favorite is the chicken bowl with black beans, rice, and guac, and a beer

Purchased: for cheap at Trader Joe's in a nice little vat - "Garlic Chipotle Salsa"

Disliked: by Kevin, so he doesn't get into my private vat in the refrigerator

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littlecbsmom said...

Now I really want to try that restaurant! I have always thought about it.

Had a salad at Marie Callendar's a couple of weeks ago with chiplote sauce and was wondering how to get my hands on some of that..it was SO good!