Friday, March 5, 2010

Pretty Trees and Drum Sets

Ah, life on a Friday morning.

The toilet seat cracked this morning. I'm happy to say it wasn't MY butt that did the damage, it was another family member who shall remain nameless.

As I write, my son and his piano teacher are filling our home with lovely music.

I'm straining to see if I can survive another minute without ordering next year's books for the kids' homeschool.

My mother-in-law comes today. Warrants a prayer with my husband in front of the fireplace before he left for work this morning. And she's only here for an hour and a half. Does this reveal some issues?

My biggest life question: Could God move us to South Carolina or overseas? Or will I live and die in Las Vegas? I wonder every day. Every DAY!!!

Tonight is Stations of the Cross. At OUR HOUSE! We're going to try it out. See, the church has it every Friday during Lent, and then they serve a meatless soup/pasta dinner. But for art, Cayna had to make ALL FOURTEEN STATIONS out of popsicle sticks! Needless to say, Cayna did not do them on her own. I think I developed arthritis cutting out the images of Jesus. Anyway, we have them hanging around the house so we thought we should do it once here. We'll see if any of our friends RSVP and then I have some meatless dinner to make!

The world's prettiest tree is in my backyard. In summer, it is full of shiny green leaves. In Fall, it has the most brilliant reds and browns and oranges. In winter, it gets naked and I have to look at my neighbor's house for a few months, which really isn't a bad thing. Unless they use the bathroom at night with the light on and don't close the blinds. In spring, now, it is covered with white blossoms. When viewed from our upstairs windows first thing in the morning, it is as if it has snowed, which is a very disconcerting picture for a desert resident in March. The world seems out of balance, though magical, for just a second. Then we realize it's not snow - but it is our beautiful tree.

Kevin had his birthday yesterday. Opened Wii "Band Hero", and tried out the guitar, drums, and karaoke. If you were wondering, he sang a song by No Doubt. Drummed to some Janet Jackson, and there were a few minutes of Culture Club at one point. What a world I live in. Happy birthday, Kevin!
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