Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'd rather not, but I know I need to

I gotta delve more into the issue of women in the Catholic Church. I'm perfectly comfortable not having women priests, but I'd like to have a more informed intellect about the whole thing. I know there are some profound writings out there by orthodox Catholics who affirm women and women in ministry (but not the priesthood) and I'd like to start with those. Then, eventually, I want to read something from the "other side". I wonder if there exists anything thoughtful, not too angry.

Somehow, in accepting the Church's say on male-only priests, I feel like a sell-out to my gender. But usually the ultra-feminist members of my gender irk me. I end up feeling like a jellyfish - all squirmy and translucent and not any real substance or brain. I hate feeling like that.

I think the thing that makes this topic hard to want to study is that I know people who cite the male-only priesthood as one of the things that keeps them from becoming Catholic. And ME reading up on it isn't going to solve the dilemma for them. But I still gotta figure out where I'm coming from.


Diva Mom Vicki said...

Pope John Paul II had some beautiful letters about the role of women that are inspiring and begin to explain our role and why it is no less important than men but purposely different. This first came to mind:

I need to re-read this one as it's been YEARS but I think this speaks more to your question of women and the priesthood:

Andrea said...

I agree, JP II pretty much said it. Here is his letter stating the position on women priests:

Soon after, Ratzinger wrote this letter stating it's a deposit of the faith:

Its pretty simple... the Church lacks the authority to ordain women. Any further speculation is kinda pointless because this is an infallible proclamation of the Magisterium. There is no argument, really. What we may call "the other side" is really just an exercise in arrogance - trying to argue that we know better than the magisterium. Its like trying to argue that Mary was not Immaculate. No matter how you try to twist the logic, Mary is Immaculate. Its central to the faith. It would be sheer arrogance to argue otherwise.

But that does not exclude us from many other roles that are just as important. JPII also wrote On the Genius of Women, I can lend it to you if you are interested. Let me know!

And you are not a sell-out to your gender!! the sell outs to our gender are the ones who sacrifice their femininity on the altar of false pride. YOU are fab! But that's just my opinion ;)