Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

- I gave up reading Little Dorrit. It is a testimony to some super-odd personality issue/trait that I read 300 pages before throwing in the towel. That's like being married 35 years and then getting divorced! Who DOES that? Weirdos, I tell you.

- Laura asked if I'm still off sugar. The answer is yes. Next question: am I still tempted every single day to throw in the towel and scarf down a half-gal of ice cream and a couple spoonfuls of Betty Crocker chocolate frosting? The answer is yes. Some days are easier than others.

- Suzie asked when I have time to read. I almost always read whatever current novel I'm enjoying in the morning, before the kids are up, along with scripture and something else spiritual. I take a full hour. This is a new practice since Lent. Also, we have "quiet" time in the afternoon from roughly 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. During that time, John naps, the older three play in their rooms, and I read/pray/nap. Finally, I frequently read at bedtime. If Kevin is involved in a book, we read together on the couch downstairs even before bedtime. Today when the kids had P.E. class, I brought my book to the park and read about a paragraph before there were friends there to chat with. Current read - Home Before Morning, The True Story of an Army Nurse in Vietnam, by Lynda Van Devanter. I already like Ms. Van Devanter FAR more than Charles Dickens. Oodles more. Tons. Buckets. Loads.

- I have to make a confession. I have been watching "19 Kids and Counting". It is fascinating from an anthropological/sociological standpoint, a family standpoint, a media studies standpoint, a psychological standpoint, a housekeeping standpoint, a middle-American cultural standpoint, and a nosy-busybody-gawk-at-someone-else's-life standpoint. I find myself peering at each younger child and wondering which one will write an expose twenty years from now. Call me cynical. It won't be the first time.


Molly said...

This isn't a comment about your post per se, so you don't need to publish it. I just wanted to invite you to "Kids say the darndest things Friday" blog hop at:
We’d love to have you join the fun and share your stories. I’m sure that you have some real gems!
In Christ,

Blah Blah Blayla said...

I'd say after 300 pages you gave it a good fight... I saw you are reading The Help... I just finished it and really liked it! Hope the stack of books waiting for you prove to be more fulfilling! :)

littlecbsmom said...

Good for you on your morning routine ritual, very impressive!

Way to go staying off sugar, but you forgot to update us on how you are feeling!!!

300 pages..definitely a weirdo, but one of the many things I like about you!