Thursday, March 11, 2010

I can check a meat cleaver,

but no-go in my carry-on. I went to the TSA website to refresh my memory about what I can and can't bring in my suitcase. My main concerns being: deodorant, hairspray, and a flask. Oh, wait --- I'm going on this trip ALONE. I won't need the flask after all. Only if the kids were coming.

Side question: Why would anyone (other than a professional butcher en route to a convention in Germany) need to check a meat cleaver? It's a mystery to me.

I'm off to Sacramento tomorrow. I look forward to visiting my parallel partner and good friend Heather and her family. And I aspire to run 7.1 miles in a relay with Mike Nalley. In under 90 minutes, mark my words, okay? Other than visiting and running - I plan to get in some reading, journalling, prayer time, and general relaxation.

Now to go pack everything but a meat cleaver.
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