Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creosote by my Bed

It's harshly hot. Enough to hide indoors, or dread the sunblock slathering if I go out. And my family from cooler climes arrives today. I cringe at the thought of watching them wilt. Gasp for breath. Sit in the corner and pant and fan themselves.

Yet I went for a walk the other night with two friends and stopped to smell the creosote (kinda like stopping to smell the roses, but with a desert twist). Then, selfishly, I tore off a small sprig and took it home to put it by my bed. My all-time favorite desert scent is creosote after the rain. My friend Kelly grew up in Tucson and says the same. There's enough of it around here, I might enjoy it year-round on my nightstand.

The heat makes me weary and discouraged. So I'm going to try to focus on the creosote. And our good friends. And company from cooler climes. And swimming pools and evening walks and popsicles and all the other things I like about living here in the desert. And as I'm focusing, I'll be hoping my deodorant is working. Sheesh.
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