Friday, June 25, 2010

Dancin' Daughters (and Dancin' Hair)

Cayna and Bethanie recently had their first gymnastics recital. It was lots of fun for them. Their performance was held at Artemus Ham Hall on campus at UNLV. Boy did that bring back memories. My daughters flipped all over the stage where I graduated from college, how crazy is that?

Here they are in their neon outfits posing by a tree outside the green room at Ham Hall.

And here are some closeups of their hairstyles, intentionally crafted to keep their silvery headbands in place during their performances. Thanks to my hairstylist-pro sister in law and the website she introduced us to for making this possible. I only wish she could have been here to do the work! These are shots before the dress rehearsal. I improved my form by the real performance date - Bethanie's bangs weren't left hanging for the final show.

Finally, here they are together in the green room on dress rehearsal day, and then at home after the real performance with their flowers. They were superstars!

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