Wednesday, June 23, 2010

House Post

Here are some house photos, along with my comments and our hopes for what we'd like to do before move-in. The big three things to accomplish before we move in are: pool fence, paint, and some flooring. There is a long, fun, wish list for after we move in - but there isn't a rush with that list. These will serve as the "before" pictures and I'll share the "afters" once escrow is closed, keys are in our hands, and work is done. (I'm looking forward to that day!)

View of the front door and the living room. I love the wood floors, I don't love the idea of cleaning and caring for them. But they are warm and pretty and nice. Those drapes will go. There is also plaster work above the front door and along the long wall. I plan to scrape the stuff off the long wall, but keep and paint the stuff above the door. It's interesting.

The heart of the home --- the kitchen. I especially love the giant walk-in pantry off to the right. The microwave is missing, so that's an extra expense. And we plan to paint. Let me just state right now that the only room we don't plan to paint is the laundry room. The island with the butcher-block top is kinda fun. My color plan for that is a creamy green, or a swampy green. Stay tuned. Also, the huge dog door off to the left will be eliminated, hopefully before the painting happens. We have a lot of projects to cram into a short time.

The pool. Despite appearances (leaves, weeds, general blah) it is a glorious, wonderful swimming pool that makes Vegas life in the summer MUCH more enjoyable. Really, all we have to do here is clean up a bit and jump in.

Stairs. Nothing to see other than the surrounding wall color I want to cover.

Giant loft = future school room and library/family room area. That's about a full mile of wallpaper border. And if you know me, you know I detest wallpaper border. It's coming down fast. So are the blackout drapes. And the golden walls have to be covered. The TV is staying in the house, but not in that room. And if it doesn't fit in the family room area downstairs, it will be sold on e-bay.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a master bedroom, soon to be ours, complete with chair rail. Why does anyone put chair rail in a bedroom? I'm perplexed. It has to go. I will take pleasure in removing it myself. This room will hopefully be the same shade of chalky gray-lavender that we have now.

Master bath. Our hope in this room is to rip out the carpet and have it tiled.

Here we go with the freakin' wallpaper border again. I have to count to see whether this house or our current one had the most. Sheesh. This will be the girls' room once I remove the border and change the wall color. Eventually the ceiling fan, too. But it is a nice large room with an enormous walk-in closet. Believe me when I say that a walk-in closet for two girls is an enormous luxury.

Wallpaper border #4,359. Lighthouses. In the kids' bathroom. Ironically, I once had a lighthouse-themed bathroom. But without wallpaper border, thankyouverymuch. This stuff has to go. And be replaced with bright, fun paint. Still not sure what color.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour. In case you ever get to visit for real, I will refrain from showing you the guest room in its current state. I believe it was the dog's room... little bit of work to do there, suffice it to say.
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