Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Happened Before

I was seven months pregnant, and trying to handle all the details of our move to our new home in Vegas. We were camping out at the Mayers' house across the street from our waiting rental. I had to coordinate paint and carpet and all the minutiae kept me up at night. Well, let's say Baby John woke me up at ungodly hours and then my mind wouldn't permit me to go back to sleep.

This fine night, I am not pregnant, but when I finished reading and turned out the light (an hour and a half ago) it became evident that my mind wasn't going to slow down.

Some people think about social justice. Others about business deals. Sports? Family worries? Not me. For me, it's paint. Heaven forbid I choose the wrong brown for the far wall in the kitchen. This has been obsessing me for months. Now it's keeping me awake.

First I tried sauntering around on Kevin's facebook page, peeking in on friends of ours and all their myriad of photos. You HAVE to be insomniac to spend time looking at Joe Blow's trip to Disneyland.

What I SHOULD be doing is searching for a race to run, now that I won't be heavily pregnant this Fall. 'kay, I'll go do that. I've heard the thought of distance running moves paint thoughts out of the brain. Hope it's true.

Oh, and by the way... happy first of July!
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