Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Date With Joe

The girls have each had a date with Kevin, so it was high time Joe and I enjoyed a night out just us.

Joe's favorite food is pizza so we started the night out at Metro Pizza. Half pepperoni, half sausage. It was so filling I only ate one piece and Joe didn't quite finish his second. We had fun table conversation, and Joe did the pizza serving. We had a great time and brought home a good size take-out box.

From Metro, we drove halfway around the world to the go-cart place across town. THAT was a blast. Sadly, I had a dud car, and I only passed Joe once. He said he'd already passed me so I was only catching up. Tough call.

We had another ticket, and we had to ponder whether to ride the roller coaster, the Tornado, or the giant slide. After much deliberation, we took four slides on the giant slide. It was fun even though Joe beat me three out of four times. By the third "bump" I was going so fast I got airborne every time. I highly recommend giant slides for date night fun.

We ended the evening at Barnes & Noble. Like mother, like son -- we love that place. Joe picked up a few new books and I chose some decorating magazines to get more input on colors for the new house.

Joe is a great date!
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