Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday is Mopping Day

Friday IS mopping day - and I'm pretty religious about it. You would be, too, if half the square footage of your abode was ceramic tile. (No, I don't do the grout - it's atrocious.)

But today I took the kids to a splash park in 100+ degree weather. For two hours. With only a couple sleeves of crackers and my friend's Red Vines. And the kids' giant bottles of water. Then home for lunch. Then back into the car to zoom to a dance store to get my daughters ready for their dress rehearsal tonight. Then home to wrangle John down for his nap (wasn't too hard --- reference the two hour splash park adventure). And now I'm supposed to pick up, sweep, stack chairs, and mop??? You have GOT to be kidding! But it IS filthy. As it is every week. And there's blogging to do! And you oughtta see my dining room table. On one half is my sewing machine with the beginnings of two girls' sundresses strewn around. On the other half is Bethanie's first-year baby album. She's five now --- there's no time like the present to catch up! I have it in my head that I will get her album and John's done before I give birth again. I'm well on the way - photos are printed, paper and stickers purchased. Now all I gotta do is mop! - and then I can have some fun.

If only I had a teensy bit more energy.
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