Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 Things I Want to Remember About 10-10-10

10. How cute John looked with a blue Gatorade mustache all afternoon

9. My peaceful house when Kevin and the boys went to the park, the girls had a friend over, and I got to sit and read (once I did the dishes)

8. Bethanie spontaneously wrote out the alphabet on a scrap of paper and the J, N, and Z are backwards

7. I talked to my Uncle Don and was reminded I miss my extended family - we never see each other

6. Joe and a friend and Cayna laughing hysterically at themselves playing Wii - archery and track

5. Cayna setting up a funeral in her room for a Betty Boop doll - she asked to borrow the school chairs and some "beautiful music"

4. It's Columbus Day Eve - which was a bigger deal when I was a kid... poor Chris, are we beginning to forget you?

3. Kevin making a drawing of how we could set up the downstairs if we get brave and move things around

2. Running with my "team" of four neighbors and scheming to incorporate scorpion hunting into our mileage

1. One year, one month, and one day til 11-11-11 --- party at my house!
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