Friday, October 22, 2010

Soccer Mom?

We're about halfway through soccer season in our family. It's my first time having kids play soccer. Here's a list of my thoughts:

1) Two kids = two practices and two games per week. That's four more places I have to be, and I have to be there with water bottles, shin guards, uniforms, sun shades (thank you, Sport Brella), and a blanket and folding chairs. Frankly, a pain in my booty.

2) The pain in my booty is somewhat worth it considering they seem to enjoy it --- the weather is nice so we're out enjoying it, and we have met a few nice people. Which leads me to #3.

3) We have met some nice people. But we've also met some of those pesky snothead parents you hear so much about in this context. The ones who stand on the sideline and yell at their kid and order the coach around and just generally make giant asses of themselves.

4) Snacks and drinks for an entire soccer team (or two) are pricey.

5) I'm not convinced that my children gain any team-player skills or coordination that they don't already pick up by being part of a FAMILY and by playing outside with the neighbors. But then again, we do get a cool jersey with their names on the back...

6) Like every other thing in life, kid sports have their pros and cons. I'm quite aware of both.
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