Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm doing it again... the mile-high 5K in chilly temps with my swift and skinny father-in-law. Honestly, it sounds better to sit and sip hot cocoa on the deck overlooking the valley than it does to make myself dizzy putzing uphill way too early on a Saturday morning. Last year, it took us (me--- he could've gone much faster) 42 minutes to run that sucker! FORTY-TWO! That's ridiculous. My normal 5K time is 30. I've never come in under 30. Maybe that oughtta be my training goal between now and then - to do 5K sub-30.

Katie? Sharon-Anne? Do you hear me? I gotta go faster! And perhaps I should be running up at Mt. Charleston (like, at the peak) in order to properly prepare.
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