Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quiet, Cold House

I wanted some quiet time - it's the result of being exactly half extrovert and half introvert. Half the time I wish my house was full of friends, and the other half, I'd like it empty. For a stay at home mom who homeschools, it is exceedingly rare that I am in my home alone. This might be the second time in three months at our new address. My alone time is typically OUT of the house.

So Kevin took the crew to Cayna's soccer practice, and I am soaking up the silence. It began to grow dark about twenty minutes ago, enough to start switching on lights. And I'm a little chilly. As I walked through the house with my arms folded, I was seeing my house in a new way. We moved here in the hottest part of the desert summer, therefore the chill, the early dusk, and the "feel" of the place in Autumn is all new to me. I like it.

I think I'll go light my "Ember" candle from Pier 1 and sit and stare into the weird, quiet light. How's that for introvert?

(Tomorrow night I might like to invite a dozen friends over for pie and coffee.)
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