Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For All Your Moccasin Needs

I got great customer service from The Moccasin House and told the guy I'd tell my friends. This is humorous because I am not sure any of my friends are the moccasin-wearing type. But they messed up an order, I complained, and they fixed it! This is such an amazing happening that I had to offer to spread the word.

Cayna is dressing up as Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha for All Saint's Day and the same for Halloween. For the amount I spent on the costume, she should also wear it at Thanksgiving for a re-creation of the celebration at Plymouth. It should be said that of all people to buy moccasins for, Cayna would be the best - she could be voted "Most Likely to Wear Unique Footwear" in our family.

After Halloween, I'll post pictures of the kids in their costumes and the saints they represent. In other costume news:

It is now two days til the All Saints party, and my St. Michael the Archangel has no wings. Nor will he wear dorky ones, so I have to fashion something amazing from two pieces of foam board and five bags of feathers. I did TRY to purchase wings. It involved a lot of fruitless internet searches, a lot of scantily clad models wearing their wings with their lingerie, and one horrifying trip to the Halloween Store. I'd rather forget that experience.

I may or may not post photos of the wings I make. Thankfully, St. Michael will lose the wings for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and convert to a knight.

John is going to be St. John the Apostle and then an astronaut.

Bethanie is St. Elizabeth Anne Seton, which basically involves a Pilgrim costume.

Cayna has informed me I need to dress up, so I'm wondering what I can adapt from my own wardrobe to look like St. Catherine of Siena. Any suggestions?
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