Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not Enough Adjectives

I'm not sure I could earn a living as a book reviewer. Do they just spend all day in a thesaurus? When trying to think how to describe a book, I find my otherwise creative mind thinking, "Great book," and that's about it.

How can I go deeper to tell you about Laddie? I'm fresh out of adjectives. How about I tell you what I learned by reading it?

1) I want to live in Indiana.
2) On a sweet little farm.
3) A long time ago.
4) I'm seeing a pattern emerging in the books DeMille included on his "read these first" list.
5) Equestrian care goes right along with classical education. Buy good books, buy a horse!
6) Good writing makes the characters come alive in your head.
7) I can read hundreds of pages a day of good writing.

This was book number three on my "syllabus". So far, I think I could place each of them on my list of "Lifetime Favorites." Admittedly, though, that list is fairly long.

On to The Lonesome Gods!


Maryann said...

I read a book a long time ago and the writer of it told of his trip walking from on end of the British Isle to the other or bottom to the top. He told of all the things he experienced during that trip but the thing he said that has been stuck in my brain for all this time is the phrase. "Reading is like going to the Skull Cinema." That is so true, that is why a movie is so disappointing after reading the book first, it is never as wonderful as you imagined it to be.

littlecbsmom said...

Now I am more anxious to start it as my copy came in just the other day! I hope I don't really want a horse though because we would actually have a place to put it which takes out the biggest excuse not to get one;)