Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not Enough Adjectives

I'm not sure I could earn a living as a book reviewer. Do they just spend all day in a thesaurus? When trying to think how to describe a book, I find my otherwise creative mind thinking, "Great book," and that's about it.

How can I go deeper to tell you about Laddie? I'm fresh out of adjectives. How about I tell you what I learned by reading it?

1) I want to live in Indiana.
2) On a sweet little farm.
3) A long time ago.
4) I'm seeing a pattern emerging in the books DeMille included on his "read these first" list.
5) Equestrian care goes right along with classical education. Buy good books, buy a horse!
6) Good writing makes the characters come alive in your head.
7) I can read hundreds of pages a day of good writing.

This was book number three on my "syllabus". So far, I think I could place each of them on my list of "Lifetime Favorites." Admittedly, though, that list is fairly long.

On to The Lonesome Gods!
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