Tuesday, June 30, 2009


That almost looks like an algebra problem, huh?

This past weekend we loaded two families of six into an RV and headed for So Cal for a Catholic homeschool conference. So many perfect photo ops, yet I think I only took two pictures.

First, the conference was held at the Carmelite Retreat House, the same one where I attended the retreat last month. So there were Carmelite religious sisters in their full habits all over the place. Couple that with the large families, and homeschool mamas (and dads) swarming around and it was a valuable cultural experience.

Attended five talks, my favorite one being "Why Teach Latin?" It was given by a guy who teaches Latin at an all-boys prep school in L.A., has a Swedish accent, and knew his stuff! I came out of the presentation more convinced of the value of my kids learning Latin, but more intimidated by all the work ahead. I'll be learning grammar (English and Latin) along with them.

Didn't sleep much. Twelve people in an RV including two toddlers makes for a lot of waking up and waking each other up.

Enjoyed the curriculum fair and the book exchange. Yes, the kids got some fun reading, and yes, I looked for titles in my lesson plan - but my favorite purchase was this:

My first book by a Catholic author with Catholic subject matter, but NOT defending or explaining the faith - just talking about living it. The author is an educated, homeschooling cradle Catholic who makes me laugh out loud with her opinions on everything from homeschool stereotypes to the sacraments.

Existing on maybe six or seven hours of sleep over the two-night trip, weary of trying to keep John from becoming a projectile in the motorhome, and more aware than usual of my dire need to have a "plan" in my daily life (contrasted with our friends' dire need to have "no plan") - I enjoyed reading my new book all the way home. When I wasn't napping.
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