Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eleven Years

Today is our eleventh wedding anniversary.

Eleven years ago today, I was probably on my way to the church to get dressed. Only a couple warring bridesmaids, one annoyed mother-in-law, and a June day in Arizona. I still remember a moment I took alone in the sanctuary before it all began. The flowers had been placed and they looked and smelled so pretty. I'm still a big fan of stargazer lilies for that memory.

The ceremony began with "Scotland the Brave". Imagine the drumroll at the beginning. I was told the whole congregation jumped out of their seats with the first sound. I had our friend Bill on the drums, and my in-laws' friend on the bagpipes. It was a good start for a wedding, in my opinion: A bit startling, sort of comical, slightly formal, slightly odd. That's the beginning of a marriage, huh? Not sure what song I'd pick to typify the eleventh year.

While someone else thinks about that, I'm going out to dinner and a show with my husband.


Laura said...

WOW 11 years, congratulations! What did you have for dinner and what show did you watch?

Teri said...

I had halibut! We went to a restaurant I've wanted to try for a while - Mon Ami Gabi. I think I just really like the name. We had a window table and got to people watch while folks walked by on the Strip. Then we saw Cirque du Soleil's "O". It was a fun night. At the show, we met a couple with our same anniversary who were celebrating 50 years.