Monday, June 1, 2009

June First

Two not-so-good things that happened on the first day of this new month:

The ants are back. This time, they're pouring in through the floor of the dining room and devouring the treats my children leave scattered. If they would pick up the mess and leave with it, maybe I could learn to live with them. But this isn't how they function. They just swarm and bite and gross me out.

Bethanie followed me out of the house to go to the store this evening and said, "Why do you have a great big huge butt?" This is the same girl who requested four kinds of cookies and a large block of fancy cheese once we were AT the store. Those products likely added up to 1,585 calories per serving --- so I didn't get them. I had my butt on my mind.

Two not-so-bad things that happened on the first day of this new month:

My imagination is working hard on an article I'd like to write and try to have published. I'm pursuing the only leads I have currently to try to do this thing. If it all works out, I'll dance in the streets. If not, I'll print the article here and you can all pat my back and comfort me.

I started looking at races to run between now and the end of the year. Ideally, a fast 5K, a 10K, and another half marathon to beat my first time. Might run the 10K at high altitude in December. Gotta figure out the other two. Hafta keep going, and this guy keeps inspiring me.
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