Thursday, June 25, 2009

Found Around the House

I'm sitting in the office right now, and there is a sheep staring at me from the corner of the room.

In the family room, a pink Care Bear, a gray cat, a Nemo, and a naked baby doll are resting on the carpet, some trapped under the toy shopping cart.

In the living room, Zoe from Sesame Street is sitting perfectly upright on a chair facing the stairs.

We share our house with dozens of stuffed animals and dolls. Even Joe chooses most nights between his huge new Shamu and his favorite --- Santa Claus.

Sometimes I come upon really cute set-ups that the girls arrange. Like this one:

That's Bethanie's little bunny. Tucked in nice and cozy on our bed. Bunny's blanket is Bethanie's nightgown, and the Batman pillow belongs to Joe.

Other times, I discover more disturbing scenes, and I wonder how my daughters would explain them:

Look closely. That's Polly Pocket completely submerged in a Moo cup on the bathroom counter. Appropriately, she is wearing her swimsuit. She was purchased along with a pet dolphin and a fountain set-up, so presumably she is used to being in the water. I'll probably never know if she was pulling a Houdini-like escape, treating her hair that changes color in the water, or only trying to startle me.

I just went to check so I could report on her current location. The Moo cup is empty. Polly is reclining, wide-eyed, on a soaking wet towel on the dining room table. That can't be good for the table. But it's way less freaky than hanging out under water.
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