Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday night live

I have this new interest in blogging daily again. But I'm too tired to write about what I really want to write about (my first consultation with my homeschool assistant) so you get blibber blabber.

On this Friday, I...
slept in a little
got out early
attended a homeschool art class
prayed the Rosary led by children
researched ear piercing
had my lovely afternoon prayer time
talked on the phone
mopped my floor
cursed the ants
answered the doorbell a few times (the new neighbor kids apparently love us)
played outside with my kids and the new neighbor kids
cleaned bedrooms while Kevin made scrambled egg burritos (yum!)
ate dinner
washed dishes
put kids to bed
scrapbooked with a friend
came home
sat down at the computer
anticipated going to bed

it is safe to assume that now I will really go to bed and go to sleep and dream about faraway lands like the Netherlands where Kevin gets to go soon (his list of things done today would include passport renewal) --- for the record, I'd like to have a reason to renew my own passport - perhaps Italy in 2010?

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