Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stop Nervousing Your Tuckus!

That's Cayna's way of saying "Quit Worrying!" I thought only cartoonists used the word tuckus, but who knows where she gets this stuff. Kevin, probably. Yeah, let's just give him the credit.

She said this to me affectionately this morning when I was visibly fretting over the WAY TOO PINK gallon of red paint I bought yesterday. Anyone need a can of Behr paint in a lovely shade of "Three Cheers for Pooh"? (It's from Behr Paint's "Disney" line.) I'm soooooooooo mad that I got the wrong color. Usually, I'm an ace at color and also VERY careful about checking and double-checking before I purchase. I don't know what got into me. Oh, well. I'm gonna stop nervousing my tuckus and just suck it up and go get another gallon.
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