Sunday, June 21, 2009

My husband Kevin (Federline)

Have you seen this guy?

Dancer. Married for a time to Britney Spears.

How 'bout this guy?

Engineer. Married to me.

For Father's Day, we met my Dad and Vivver at the Original Pancake House after church. Along with roughly seven thousand other people and their fathers. The hour and a half wait sorta detracted from the melt-in-your-mouthness of the pancakes. But I digress...

In order to keep John happy for the ninety-minute restaurant stay, we tried many things, including a constant flow of apple juice. Therefore, about the time Kevin was carrying him out to the parking garage for the return trip home, John's diaper reached maximum capacity and Kevin's shirt got peed on. A lot. Kevin climbed into the driver's seat shirtless. I laughed. Not because he isn't perfectly studly, but I'm just not used to being driven around by a guy only half-clothed. Told him he reminded me of Kevin Federline. I don't know where my familiarity with Mr. Federline comes from. Let's blame the People magazine subscription I had for a time thanks to my mom.

So there's my father's day image to remember. Kevin driving our minivan without a shirt. His shaved head and not-shaved face reminding me of random celebrities. Please note he AGREED to pose for the above shot. Even pulled his sleeves up without being prompted. I wonder if he secretly read People magazine back when I was a subscriber.
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