Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cayna Cake #6

She's missing her two front teeth, but has two new earrings in her ears. Maybe that balances her out? In our family, Cayna stands out for her drama and her comedy. She switches quickly from talk about princesses to talk about buttcheeks. It's tough to keep up sometimes, but her motion is a big part of her. Kevin called her "Hurri-cayna" when she was a toddler, and it still fits, minus the destructive element. Now she's just speed and wind and bringing everyone along.

Before her birthday, I gave her a few cake books and asked her to pick her cake. Quite fittingly, since they are the most elaborate and beautiful, she picked a cake in the wedding section. Thankfully, this was a "destination" wedding cake with a tropical theme. Also thankfully, she substituted the bride and groom topper with a princess we found at Michael's.

Here it is!

It was fun to make, especially since I coerced Kristi into helping me. For all you cake decorators out there - here are some of the fun things about this cake:

1) Yes, the princess is standing IN the water instead of BESIDE the water, as I would have liked. Cayna chose that.

2) I found those little palm trees at Michael's. The Wilton Cake Decorating book design called for the palm trees to be made of fondant (all edible, you see). Not only does fondant taste terrible in my opinion (though who would eat a whole palm tree? --- well, maybe the kids would) but it would also take roughly five hours to craft a tree outta that stuff. No thanks. Plastic it is!

3) The seashells around the very bottom edge of the cake are vanilla candy! Made with those cute candy molds. The kids loved eating them along with their cake and ice cream. I loved making them.

4) That was my first time using gel icing (for the waterfall). Looks pretty "bubbly" and I don't think it's supposed to. I have a lot to learn. But just you wait! By Cayna's sweet sixteen I'll be professional!

I thought about why cake decorating is so much fun for me...
... when creativity and dessert can go together, it's a GREAT thing!
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