Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Grandfolks!

Today is my grandparent's 70th wedding anniversary. If they were alive, imagine the party we'd have. Theirs was a double wedding along with my great aunt and uncle. Which would mean an even BIGGER party.

I'm guessing very few people make it to 70 years of wedded bliss. I will be 97 for that occasion in my life. Eesh. I wonder what percentage of Americans make it to age 97? Wikipedia says the average female life expectancy is 81. Living to 97 and being able to celebrate my 70th wedding anniversary - what are the chances of THAT?

And my last question... what is the traditional gift for the 70th anniversary? Some websites cut off naming a gift after the 60th. Slightly depressing. Others say that from 60 years on - the gift is diamonds. Your marriage apparently ceases to increase in value after the 60th year. Just keep those diamonds coming! If you're on a fixed income, how do you calculate what you should spend on a diamond for your bride or groom?

Perhaps I will suggest diamonds earlier than our 60th. Then, if we make it to the big 7-0, we can ask our great grandchildren to throw us a party. Glad I thought this all through. Load off my mind.
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