Friday, June 19, 2009

Most I've Laughed all Week

Here's what happened: (in much the same way I'd tell someone over the phone - prepare for a giant comma splice) I went to Magan's blog, read her post, went to comment, and saw Amy's comment. Amy never blogs (gosh darn it, because I love to read her thoughts) but I clicked over just in case. In her most recent post, in OCTOBER, (come on, Amy!) she posted a link to a website called Cake Wrecks. Sounded intriguing, plus I trust Amy's sense of humor, so I visited.

Spent the next ten minutes laughing my patootie (along with tuckus, one of Cayna's alternate words for "butt")off. The cakes are funny enough, but the blogger's commentary puts me over the edge. So worth the visit.
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