Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can't wait to go to bed tonight!

We got a new bed! We got the Sleep Number, so you can call us InfoMercial Suckers Extraordinaire! At the bed store, which, by the way, is a VERY fun place for four children to play for an hour, we tested out many options. Then a few months went by and we went back and re-tested the options and then made our decision. It was delivered today. If you walk into our room, you can hear angels singing and see a shimmery glow emanating from the fantastic new piece of furniture where we will spend a third of our days.

As soon as it was set up, Kevin adjusted his side and I adjusted mine. You have to know that I have been sleeping on WAY too hard a mattress for about eight years now. I have never loved our bed. So I sunk that thing as soft as it would get and cuddled up like I was in a cloud hammock. Kevin said it looked like I fell from a plane and was hanging out in the impact spot. Later, when I forced myself up to finish the rest of the day, I laughed out loud. My side of the bed looked like a crater, honestly, and Kevin's just looked normal. We'll see what "Sleep Number" I finally arrive at, then I can compare to spokesperson Lindsay Wagner! I promised the sales guy at the bed store that I'd bring him a Diet Coke with extra ice if my back problems disappear.

I just can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to crawling into that new bed. I have high hopes. I'll report back when my back problems disappear; my energy level and running improves; my wrinkles smooth away; my sex life gets a boost; my cholesterol lowers; my hair gets shinier; my near-sightedness corrects; and my self-esteem miraculously raises 72 percent! All because of this new bed. Off to sleep!


Laura said...

If the sleep number bed can do all that, where can I get one????

Laura said...

So, how was it? I can't wait to hear!!!!!

mom2threepks said...

Eagerly awaiting the report...Did you sleep all day too????

Janice said...

Teri, did you make the bed too soft and get stuck!

Teri said...

We are LOVING the bed, despite its failure to correct my vision and improve my self-esteem.
I've settled on 25-ish and I completely enjoy the softer mattress. My back is better, not worse! (I was always told I needed a firm mattress for back problems- turns out that's horse puckey.)