Thursday, January 29, 2009

Start the day with a fun run and see where it goes from there.

Right at the start of my run this morning, my neighbor drove by and I waved like I usually do. One of my running partners remarked that the neighbor must be wondering why I was running with three bodyguards or something to that effect. It was an unusual set-up for me, getting to run with three guys. My anxiety level over cougar mauling or scary guy attack was at an all-time low. (Sadly, my lung capacity was also at an all-time low, but I did manage to keep breathing through the whole run.)

If real bodyguards (think Secret Service Agents) are identified by dark glasses and lapel pins, my running partners today would be identified by InterVarsity sweatshirts and dark circles under their eyes. Oh, and Mike had on about twelve layers of clothing in an effort to simulate the bed environment, which is where he would rather have been. I'm honored these guys dragged themselves up despite their late-night staff meeting hours, pecan pie and ice cream eating. Rob inspires me on his blog with tales of his running, so I felt like I was "somethin" to get to jog Henderson with him. Mike is a good friend and neighbor, and now I can add "ridiculously cold and early run" to the list of memories we have. As for Bob, I don't think he reads blogs - so I'll just say I'm glad I wasn't running behind him. There are no ducks, no birds of any kind, that sound like that in the Vegas 'burbs. But as long as I'm being all mushy: when Kevin and I were getting ready for bed last night, Kevin said to me, "Are you excited you get to run with Bob tomorrow?" He knows how much I love the guy.

Funny, just after breakfast, I got an e-mail with a countdown to my half marathon. Thank God I did get out today after a week of being sick or I might have panicked at that message. I checked my name on the entrants list and got to see my bib number! Well, holy crap, I guess I really am doing this thing.

And the day went on. Another time, I'll tell the tale of my new cell phone, my new scanner, both instruction booklets, a lot of swearing, and how I really doubt I'll ever be able to properly use either piece of technology.

I might also tell about how our family had our first-ever celebration tonight in honor of some special saints' days.

I won't tell much about the two hours I spent at the lab today. That experience would have best been prepared for with a whimsically-illustrated, sweetly-rhyming storybook called "My First Mammogram" to calm my fears. And the two hours should have concluded with a date with a girlfriend for a coffee. Or a scotch. Maybe two.

All that on just an innocent-looking Thursday. I'm going to bed now.
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