Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting in touch with my inner teenager

Aside from a few wrinkles on my face, and the fact that I arrived in a minivan - I could almost have been any other adolescent arriving at the theater last Friday to see "Twilight". Judging from the books I've been reading, at least...

It was a pretty fun night out. I recently reunited with an old friend on facebook and she jumped right into reading the "Mormon Vampire Books" with me. After our first official "book club" meeting with our kids at Krispy Kreme doughnuts, we had a first official "girls' night out at the movies" last Friday. Not many men in the theater, but plenty of women of all ages. You could tell who had read the book by where people laughed during the movie.

My favorite parts:
1) the facial expression on Jasper the ENTIRE movie
2) Edward. Particularly his Volvo-driving skills. I'm not all swoony over the guy, but no woman can resist the whole "protector" vibe - and I'm a sucker for a rescuer in a well-driven, sporty, expensive car
3) I think they pulled off the supernatural parts pretty well. The sparkly skin was a tiny bit cornball, but when Bella climbed trees and zoomed around the forest with him, I admit I was slightly swept away in the soundtrack
4) every character other than Billy was perfectly cast in my opinion
5) the humor. top fave was the graduation cap art hanging on the wall in the Cullens' home.

I would sincerely relish getting to be part of the team of people who move a story from page to screen --- sigh.

All in all, here's to clean-written vampire stories, old friends, Facebook, and going out to the movies once every eight years.
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