Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In your anger, RUN!

That's the Teri version of the Bible verse that says "In your anger do not sin."

I went out for another day of half-marathon training bright and early this morning. On the schedule, a "fast four-miler" according to my program. Well, lemme tell ya, I was focusing on "four-miler" more than "fast". I had several factors working against the "fast" part. Here's a list:

Several (or more) factors working against a "fast" four mile run:

The 45-ounce bag of peanut M&Ms my husband and our houseguest brought home.
Many many many annoying hills surrounding my home.
This stupid vampire book series that keeps me up too late reading.
I think my shoes are wearing out.
There's ice in the roads. Ice. The real frozen water in the gutter stuff. I actually stopped to introduce my shoes to it today, which knocked a few seconds off my time, I'm sure.
Too much butt fat. (Damn peanut M&Ms).
Not enough angry songs on my iPod.

And that last item on the list brings me back to my topic. Anger and running. VERY effective powerhouse combo! This is why when Gwen Stefani comes on and starts her semi-whacked coupling of cuss words and names of fruit I am able to suddenly pick up my pace incredibly and steam up hills and do it all effortlessly. I have anger issues, so the question is: does running help me deal with them? or does it just bring them to the surface to be dealt with the rest of my day, without the help of upbeat songs and sweat and joint pain. I'm going to ponder this more deeply tonight. But NOT over a bowl of M&Ms, no sir.
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