Thursday, January 1, 2009

Starbucks Saved My Life

It's no fun to start the new year off with PMS. All day, even through Mass, I've been glum. Like Eeyore on cold medicine. Then the neighbor girls and I headed for the grocery store and I had a bright idea - get some coffee! So many of my friends swear by it, and I was definitely in need of some mood change. It worked! Still enjoying the holiday menu, I ordered the espresso mocha - excellent recommendation, Magan - and glided through the store as my vision went from gray to cheery... VERY cheery. To the point where it dawned on me that caffeine may be the drug that keeps me from needing antidepressants. Taking BOTH might be a powerhouse, kick-your-butt dream concoction, so perhaps I'll look into that. For now, I'll end the day far better than I started.

Resolution for 2009: Once a month - as needed - buy a cup full of happy and watch my problems roll away. Til the jitters set in, of course, which are making it hard for me to type right now.
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