Friday, January 30, 2009


1) I have secured the IKEA curtains! Thanks to my wonderful neighbor's wonderful mother - my set will be arriving from Alberta, Canada sometime in the next two weeks depending on how Karen's immigration interview goes. (Karen and her family are the good friends who just relocated here from Edmonton and now she has to go back to make sure she can stay. Got that?) Never before has my home decorating been caught up in such foreign intrigue. I will post the photos here first, readers!

2) Our new Sleep Number bed is the best thing we've bought since the minivan - and it cost nearly as much. But I will say it makes for a MUCH nicer life to think, "Aaaahhhhh! I can't WAIT to go snuggle up in my cozy bed for a wonderful night of sweet slumber," rather than, "Pain. So much pain. And ache. Ache and pain and old age and arthritis and I'm surprised I can still walk. Isn't there anywhere else I might sleep more comfortably? On the fiberglass in the attic, maybe?"

3) My marriage talk went fine. I wasn't outta-this-world blown away by my own brilliance, but keep in mind the level of psychosis I was dealing with as evidenced by that night-before blogpost. Also, my voice was still croaky. AND I still don't find it fun to be the one to break it to new Catholics that we don't use contraception. Call me a people-pleaser, but really, you oughtta see the looks on some of their faces.


littlecbsmom said...

I'm glad your talk went well and the curtains is a big bonus too! Wow, you are happy with the bed...that is encouraging. Maybe one day soon we will take that leap too! We need to soon!

Rachel said...

Isn't is frustrating to NOT live near an IKEA, I sympathize. I love your picture at the end, are there really people who don't know about the no contraception rule?!! I've known about that at least since jr. high, and you're my first ever Catholic friend.

Teri said...

Rachel, you, though, my friend, are an informed woman. Yes, there are PLENTY of people who don't know about the Church's stance on contraception. Many aren't the newbies just coming to the church, either - many are lifelong Catholics apparently with their heads in the sand. There is also a sizable group of Catholics who choose to ignore the teaching, as you might imagine. I know plenty of them, too - but I don't have a forum to deliver them a lecture.