Thursday, January 22, 2009


How often do you spend the afternoon making balloon animals and a Winter evening in a swimming pool? Not often. So when it happened earlier this week, we all had a fantastic day.

Thanks to Grandpa, who provided the balloon animal kit, and to Kevin who is quite a balloon craftsman. Most requested animal? Giraffe.

And thanks to the Earlys, who are quite thrilled to live in a place where you can swim in January! And we are quite thrilled to be their next-door neighbors and share the experience. That's Cayna with the pink and purple noodles, Joe with blue and yellow, and Kevin under water. They weren't starting a polar bear club, the pool was well-heated.


Beth said...

How fun to go swimming! I just got caughtup on your posts. You amuse me. I love to read whatever you write!

I loved your running picture. I honestly have tried to picture you running before when I pass by runners in Yucaipa. I love the fluffy pink accessories. They look very cozy and warm. I never knew about your feet thing. I'm sorry I'm sure that must be an inconvience at best. I am very inspired by your efforts. Keep it up!

Laura said...

How fun, swimming in January, oh to live in Vegas, next door to someone with a heated pool, that's the life! The animals look like fun, can he do a weiner dog? I'm sure that's what my kids would request.

littlecbsmom said...

I love the fun post, what a blast! I could go for a heated pool right about now!