Saturday, January 10, 2009

Found by the side of the road

One of my favorite things about running, in addition to the whole heart health and overall fitness stuff - is seeing the wild variety of things in the gutter. Today I noticed a lime wedge resting beside the busy boulevard.

A lime wedge beats a puddle of barf. In my running career, I've seen several barf piles. I imagine one of two reasons for the barf: 1) Someone on the way home from partying on the Strip couldn't make it any further and lost their lunch (more like alcohol consumption) out the door onto my running route. 2) A woman early in her pregnancy thought she could make it to church without puking out the door, but was mistaken. (Not that this has ever happened to me.)

Back to the lime wedge. There it sat. Do you know limes do grow in Vegas? But I've run this way before and there are no lime trees along the main drag. Even if it fell from a tree, I'm guessing it wouldn't fall in wedge form. Tommy Burger recently opened a new location not far from our house, and they sell killer Lime-Aid drinks. I first thought this lime hopefully originated there, but since I get fixated on drunk passengers (hence the barf story) I quickly wondered if it might instead be out of a vodka gimlet. I'm hoping for the Lime-Aid, since that less often results in DUI arrests - but it did give me something to think about for half a mile.

I would heartily enjoy knowing what other runners think about when they're out panting and sweating and covering the miles.
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