Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good Smellin' Day

The inside of my house is full of smells. Some fragrance, some stench. The worst is when the kitchen trash has last night's dinner meat rotting away right next to two overnight Pull Ups. The best is when I have candles lit and cookies baking and maybe a little Castile cleaner on the floors.

But outside - do you ever stop to notice the smells when you're outside? I mean, I always notice the fumes at the gas station; I can tell when someone is running their dryer with fabric softener sheets; and smokers get my nose's attention as well. I do love the smell of rain, but it's so rare around here. And then after the rain, the scent of the sage is lovely.

It rained last night. And I stepped out early to do an errand and it smelled sweet. Sweet. Like yummy. It was incredible. Couldn't quit taking big long breaths thinking I must have it wrong and any second would recognize "Bounce Dryer Sheet" Smell wafting in the air. But no, it was just the morning air after the rain. Delicious. A day can't go wrong when it starts off SMELLING good.

And it didn't go wrong. We vacuumed, mopped, picked up, and finally removed the stranded rubber dinosaur from the highest pot shelf (hallelujah - that guy taunted me for weeks!).

So, now... going into Sunday... our day of God, family, and rest - I have a few things to consider:
1) Am I ever going to paint the remainder of my room? I've painted one wall. Three to go.
2) What to read? I completed all four Mormon Vampire Books. Now what? I need something, but I might not be totally ready to jump into the non-fiction Kevin just bought me: Noise - How Our Media-Saturated Culture Dominates Lives and Dismantles Families (light, breezy, cheery... perfect for bedtime!); and Blind Spot - When Journalists Don't Get Religion (shocking information!). I am excited to read both, but I gotta wait for the vampire mood to pass or I might read crazy things into the non-fiction.
3) Tomorrow we remember the conversion of Paul. Now THERE'S a story. And, coincidentally, I've been reading about the fellow in Acts the past couple weeks. I've been sorta annoyed at him - not really him, more the personality I imagine him having based on what is written in Acts. Maybe tomorrow I can re-read what I've read so far and try to open myself to a fresh perspective. I mean, after all, it's his day and all...
4) Will I pick up my sewing? It's been staring me in the face - the humongous pile of garments that need buttons re-attached or tears mended. But it is sure tempting to hide it under the bed until it melds with the dust bunnies never to be seen again. This reminds me of my more careless day as an accounting clerk when I would shred the documents I couldn't figure out. Never understood why I got fired from that job...
5) Learning to head a soccer ball on Wii is just not realistic. Almost never in real-life soccer do your teammates (or even opponents) hurl panda heads or cleats at you. I'm just noting...
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