Saturday, January 31, 2009


As of today, you have exactly eleven months to plan an amazing New Year's Eve Party.

Further, there are 327 shopping days til Christmas.

It is not yet too late to prepare a fun celebration for Groundhog's Day: 2/2

I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.


mom2threepks said...

I had no idea I should be stressed out about Christmas shopping. Thanks for reminding me. I might have spent the next 10 months stressing about things like graduating from nursing school, having a teenage daughter, who will direct the next twilight movie, what to have for dinner next week, when the true source of stress in my life should have been Christmas shopping. What a relief that is!

Rachel said...

Aaahh! Don't stress me out like that. Whenever is see the phrase "shopping days until Christmas", my stomach tightens and I mentally wince, no matter how big the number is in front of it.